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Starting this 2nd quarter 2024, 1st Hope is proud to unveil our AiJobs program our chatbot training and development initiative specifically tailored for our brave military veterans. Our journey begins in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, but we have our sights set on expanding across the state and eventually, throughout the entire USA.

Understanding the value and potential that lie within our veterans, we are directing our recruitment efforts towards those currently facing unemployment. We place particular emphasis on assisting service-disabled and marginalized veterans, recognizing the unique skills and strengths they bring to the table.

Why veterans? Their unparalleled mission-driven mindset, operational prowess, and resilient spirit make them standout candidates for our initiative. Far from being simply an untapped resource, we believe these individuals are gems waiting to be discovered. By equipping them with AI-related skills and entrusting them with a mission, we're not just offering employment – we're unlocking a gateway to self-reliance, community betterment, and profound economic impact.

Upon successful enrollment, veterans will not only join our family but will also be granted membership to our cooperative. And, in the true spirit of inclusivity and empowerment, they will have the esteemed option to become shareholding owners, allowing them to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of 1st Hope.

Join us in championing a future where every veteran's worth is recognized, their potential is harnessed, and their dreams are realized.


AI Jobs Recruiting

1st Hope is steadfastly committed to empowering the unemployed veteran communities by offering them promising opportunities in the burgeoning AI chatbot engineering, sales, and tech support sectors. Leveraging our profound connections within the vast veteran support community, we aspire to be the bridge that leads veterans to fulfilling careers in AI development, sales, and tech support. Our approach is not to compete with the enormous recruiting budgets of tech juggernauts like Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM but rather to foster relationships based on trust and collaboration with established networks of veteran associations. Our AiVet candidates will be recruited through partnerships such as the Veterans Administration (VA), and the Texas Veterans Commission, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). We aim to encourage these organizations to direct referrals to their local branches, initially focusing our efforts in Austin, Texas. In Austin, we will collaborate with local non-profits to create a nurturing environment where veterans can flourish under our AiJobs program. In partnership with an accredited Community College and supported by the Texas Veterans Commission Fund, this initiative seeks to recruit, train, and nurture veterans preparing them for rewarding roles in the AI industry. Once candidates apply for an AiJob, they will be directed to participate in an online familiarization, evaluation, and selection process to screen them for the basic prerequisite skills necessary to attend the Bot Boot Camp. 1st Hope will prioritize recruiting disadvantaged veterans currently enrolled in supportive services and transitional housing programs such as those offered by Swords to Plowshares.

AI Jobs Training

1st Hope is fully committed to equipping veterans with the skills they need to make a significant impact in the AI chatbot industry. How is it possible that 1st Hope can become a force in artificial intelligence? Our AiVets are the blue-collar - AI in overalls, guys. Our training ranges from chatbot engineering to sales and tech support and will be hosted in partnership with an accredited community college. Our AI Jobs training is free of charge. It offers a dynamic and accessible pathway to immerse themselves in the world of artificial intelligence without the need for prior experience in software programming, sales, or tech support. Once candidates are selected for training, they will participate in our Bot Boot Camp, consisting of approximately 60 hours of instruction. This training will provide the AiVets with the basic AI automation skills to develop a functional knowledge base for an entry-level AI chatbot. After the Bot Boot Camp, the AiVets will transition into our AITT (Advanced Individual and Team Training) apprentice program phase. Our AITT comprises 12 weeks of (OJT) on-the-job individual and team training. AiVets can choose from advanced chatbot engineering, tech support, or chatbot sales. For those AiVets who choose chatbot engineering, they will learn skills including prompt and dataset engineering and chatbot assembly line team skills. AITT will provide the veterans with the AI automation skills needed to function as a chatbot engineer, tech support, or sales of commercial-grade AI chatbots. All Bot Boot Camp and AITT training will be online using our patent-pending AiAutomated chatbot engineering platform. Our AiAutomated platform automates the process of coding the chatbots using only straightforward and understandable English text with no requirement for coding skills. We will connect AiVets, who cannot participate in training from home due to a lack of Internet or a personal computer with facilities through a partner school.

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AI Jobs Employment

Those AiVets who complete our AI Jobs training program have two exciting work opportunities ahead of them. Opportunity #1 is an apprenticeship at our cutting-edge commercial AiLab. Conceived based on the efficiency of automotive assembly lines, our AI development process allows our AiVets to construct chatbots effortlessly and competently in a virtual assembly line. This learning-by-doing approach empowers our veterans making them key players in the artificial intelligence industry. Our commercial AiLab, co-located with infrastructural partners like WeWork, offers flexible work arrangements. The AI veterans can work on-site or remotely for a balance that suits them. Employment at the AiLab offers three different roles - chatbot engineering, tech support, and sales. Upon completing their apprenticeship, AiVets will be a part of the AiLabs chatbot assembly line as a bonafide engineer, tech support, or sales member. Working at 1st Hope AiLabs holds the promise of an industry-comparable wage. Plus, as the company operates as a cooperative, AI veterans could receive dividends based on their ownership share. It's the start of an exciting journey in the world of AI for our resilient veterans. Opportunity #2: Instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship, we offer AiVets the exciting opportunity to be the master of their destiny. Those who choose this path can set up their own autonomous chatbot business, individually overseeing every facet from engineering to sales and technical support. As a part of our commitment to these self-starters, 1st Hope will provide our sophisticated AiAutomated platform free of charge. This fully-featured, robust platform will be their primary toolset for developing advanced and efficient chatbots. AiVets, under this scheme, have the complete freedom to brand their solutions uniquely under their names. They can design, support, and sell their chatbots at their preferred price points, asserting complete control over their business model. This way, they contribute to the rapidly advancing field of AI and build a business they can call entirely their own. This path provides unparalleled growth and learning experiences as our AiVets navigate the entrepreneurial world guided by their training and aided by our top-of-the-line tools.

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