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Our Commercial and Social Responsibility Apps

AiAutomated revolutionizes SMB customer support with its flagship commercial product, utilizing ChatGPT and other large language models to craft virtually human chatbots capable of multilingual communication in speech and text. Our platform offers a DIY solution for seamless integration into websites and apps, complemented by full-service options for those seeking expert development, leveraging our team of military and first-responder veterans for rapid, cost-effective deployment. Beyond commercial offerings, our social responsibility initiatives include the English Tutor and Samaritan Workz, with notable engagements like supplying the National Taiwan Normal University with our ESL Tutor prototype and collaborating with the Philippines' Sandiwaan Center for Learning on an advanced ESL Tutor version. This multifaceted approach empowers SMBs with transformative technology and contributes to global education, emphasizing flexibility, speed, and affordability.

AI Automate

AI Automated

Automate your customer service and slash costs with the AiAutomated artificially intelligent customer support chatbot solution.  

Virtually Human Avatar

Experience the future of online interaction with our virtually-human avatar: a fully interactive, full-body animated figure, powered by ChatGPT and designed to revolutionize user engagement. Seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art natural language speech, and lifelike animations, our native application avatar offers an unparalleled, immersive digital conversation unlike anything you've seen before.

Virtual Human
cheerful young volunteers with garbage bag after cleaning the streets

Samaritan Workz

Using the Samaritan Workz mobile app, students and teachers issue “Samaritan Citations” to award people they observe or have become aware of doing workz for the benefit of their communities. We recognize students and teachers who report or perform workz by awarding Valiant tokens, which they can redeem for services and products provided by local merchants.

ESL Tutor

Dive into the next generation of language learning with ESL Tutor V1.0.   This AI-driven app is your personal English tutor, making learning interactive and tailored to your needs. Powered by ChatGPT, it helps improve your English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in a fun, engaging way. Learn how it works!

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