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Our Programs

We envision a future world, a better world than has ever been seen!  The 1st Hope Corps is seeking veterans of with imagination, courage, and creativity.  They are our front line of hope and faith… hope enough for the whole world… faith enough to “Fix The Future!”


Launch 2nd Qtr 2024

The 1st Hope Corps is revolutionizing the AI chatbot industry by tapping into the unique talents of our nation's veterans. 1st Hope will form strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations such as the Veterans Administration and veteran support non-profit's.  We're launching in Austin, Texas, offering veterans specialized remote training in chatbot engineering, marketing, and tech support. By collaborating with veteran support organizations we're not only providing job opportunities but also showcasing our AI capabilities through a unique service model, positioning veterans as the future torchbearers of AI innovation. Your support bridges our heroes' past service with tomorrow's tech advancements.

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Samaritan Workz

Launch 3rd Qtr 2024

The purpose of the Samaritan Workz program is for students and teachers to seek out and focus on the “GOOD” by promoting and rewarding works (Workz) of valor and kindness performed by persons in our local community. This program is intended to help foster values in students and an enhanced relationship between schools and the community.

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