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We invite you to help us spread the news about our AiJobs program. This impactful initiative breathes life into SMBs (small and medium businesses), spearheaded by an outstanding team of veterans, our AiVets. Our AiVets are not recipients of our goodwill; they are the force behind a program that delivers benefits far and wide as they develop customer support chatbots explicitly designed for SMBs.

But we need YOU!

You can play an essential role in our mission to equip SMBs with the advantages of Artificial Intelligence by volunteering to help us identify businesses that may benefit immensely from our chatbot technology.

If you possess a keen knowledge of the SMB landscape or maintain connections with enterprises yearning for tech growth, we urge you to refer them to us. Let's infuse fresh AI power into their operations and boost their growth trajectory together.

Our AiJobs program launches i2nd quarter of 2024, and we have set up a waitlist for SMBs interested in benefiting from our virtually human chatbots. If you would like to refer an SMB or have some ideas you would like to share, please get in touch with us using the form below. Let's bridge the gap between dynamic SMBs and transformative AI technology - We need YOU!


Let’s Work Together

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